Founder and
Managing Director


Consummate executive and MBA with over 20 years of solid contributions leading standalone companies (up to $700 million/4,000–employee entities) and Fortune 500 divisions (up to $850 million/7,000–employee organizations).

Reengineered a $450 million corporation, increasing earnings $60 million and transforming losses into profits.

Turned-around 2 major manufacturing divisions of United Technologies.


Expertise: Management; Business Start-Up; Leadership; Talent Recruitment & Development; Business plans, Strategic Planning, Estimating, Project Management

Co-founder and

Managing PartnerOrlando Lorenzo


President and founder of the OLP construction company in Orlando, FL. OLP Construction, Inc. began as a General Contractor for commercial and residential projects. As the business grew the business model changed from a GC to a concrete Sub Contractor.

The company has grown to 5 million in annual sales and 87 employees. Disney, the Federal Government and local municipalities are among their biggest customers. Mr. Lorenzo holds a Civil Engineering degree and has been working in the construction industry since his graduation in 1989.

Expertise: Business plans, Strategic Planning, Estimating, Project Management, Business Start-up