Founder and
Managing Director


Consummate executive and MBA with over 20 years of solid contributions leading start ups and standalone companies .

Reengineered a $5 million company, increasing earnings and transforming losses into profits.



Expertise: Management; Business Start-Up; Leadership; Talent Recruitment & Development; Business plans, Strategic Planning, Estimating, Project Management

Co-founder and

Managing PartnerOrlando Lorenzo


President and founder of the OLP construction company in Orlando, FL. OLP Construction, Inc. began as a General Contractor for commercial and residential projects. As the business grew the business model changed from a GC to a concrete Sub Contractor.

The company has grown to 15 million in annual sales and 87 employees. Disney, the Federal Government and local municipalities are among their biggest customers. Mr. Lorenzo holds a Civil Engineering degree and has been working in the construction industry since his graduation in 1989.

Expertise: Business plans, Strategic Planning, Estimating, Project Management, Business Start-up