Belus Capital is a private investment firm focused on small-scale investments in Cuba. The company focus on investment in Cuba’s infrastructure, building materials, construction related materials and other prioritized sectors of the Cuban economy through direct and indirect equity investments in Cuban joint venture companies governed by Law 118 of 2014 on Foreign Investment.


Given the present efforts of the Cuban government to modernize the Cuban economy, the Company will consider investment opportunities in new sectors of the Cuban economy prioritized by the Cuban government as such opportunities present themselves.


The Company’s strategies include maintaining a balance between established, revenue producing assets, and new development projects that will contribute to long–term capital growth.  Under this strategy, the Company plans to invest joint venture with small and medium companies, as well as in its own development projects.  Belus Capital believes that this will provide  strong potential for future growth.

Belus Capital is led by a seasoned group of executives with a proven record and strong operational, and financial experience. Our intentions are to serve as dependable advisors to management, helping them to take advantage of technological shifts within their industry, scale and expand their businesses, recruit top talent, and pursue new growth initiatives.